The Best Spas of Budapest

What is the best way to rejuvenate after a pub crawl in Budapest? The time-proven method would be the traditional and world-class spas of Budapest. You can’t leave the city without trying one of the best thermal baths, saunas and outdoor pools. Our quick guide will guide you through the steamy mist of spas. A […]

The Real Csíki Beer. What’s the story here?

If you like beer and been to Hungary, or just coming for a visit, you should listen to the story of the Real Csíki Beer. Its story has something to tell about how things are done in Central Europe. Of course, you have to form your own opinion by tasting it on a pub crawl […]

Fröccs: Everything You Need to Know

There’s nothing better on a Budapest pub crawl than a nice refreshing fröccs during the summer! But what the hell is fröccs? Well, it’s a mixture of wine and soda water to be exact, but the story has a lot more to tell. Listen to our quick guide on the subject. Legend says that fröccs […]

Bars with a Story to Tell: Budapest’s Oldest Watering Holes

Every city has its own iconic places where generations went to quench their thirst, and by all means, Budapest is no different in this respect. With a strong and well-established alcohol culture, the city boasts of some historic pubs, which should be included in your Budapest pub crawl itinerary! A pub known for its homemade […]

Notable Streets of the Budapest Party District

When going on a pub crawl in Budapest, you should know a thing or two about the coolest streets in town to make the most of your stay. The 7th district offers an excellent selection with most bars, clubs and new wave restaurants packed in this area. Maybe the most well-known is Kazinczy Street, winding […]

Safety Tips for the Budapest Nightlife

Have you ever felt lost? Like something is missing from the party? That the buzz is slowly fading away, even when there is so much to do? Here, take some safety tips for your Budapest pub crawl to make it the best night of your life! -As vets used to say – know the enemy, […]

Spring Party Events in Budapest

When you travel to Budapest, there is no way you can miss out on pub crawl, because Budapest is known for their unique pubs and bars, each possessing their own identity. To miss out on a pub crawl in Budapest is like a sin, because surely you must have heard of all the great parties […]

4 Signs That You will Love Pub Crawls!

Budapest’s nightlife is world famous for a reason. Our pub crawl takes you on tour to the hottest nightlife spots in the city. We’ll race you around some of the best bars that give you an authentic taste of a night out in one of Europe’s top party cities. You will love pub crawls. Here […]

New YEARS EVE pubcrawl

Why Spend the New Year’s Eve with us?

On New Year’s Eve, the city of Budapest invites foreigners and Hungarians alike to celebrate the beginning of a new year with huge parties. The celebrations with live bands, DJs and a spectacular fireworks display at midnight are free of charge and attract about one million people every year. The ensuing party continues until the […]

Fall Concert Budapest

Fall Party and Concert Events in Budapest

The return of crisp days and cold evenings mean that autumn is well and truly here, but that is no excuse to hibernate. November is all about long leafy walks, pubs with fires and Sunday lunches. So get out there and enjoy Budapest this November with our pick of events happening across the capital, because […]

Best Hungarian Beers

The brief history of Hungarian beer, as presented by Pub Crawl Budapest

Beer is considered to be one of the oldest manufactured drinks. While Hungary is not particularly well known for its beer. Beer has been brewed here for over a thousand years. Let’s take a closer look at the history of Hungarian beer culture.

coffe places -pubcrawl budapest

The Most Hip Coffee Places in Budapest

Coffee. The word just conjures up visions of steam swirling in the air carrying the smells unique to coffee, rich and robust. If you are a coffee addict, simple the word will bring a smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye. And even if you can’t understand the designer coffee frenzy, you […]

summer events - pub crawl budapest

Budapest Summer Events for August

Budapest has a booming tourism industry, with close to double digit growth every year. The most popular time to visit the city is during the summer, when the heat radiates from the pavement and the parties are the craziest. During the summer months the city is packed with concerts and awesome programs, here’s Pub Crawl […]

Getting about in Buda and Pest, tips by Pubcrawl Budapest

A lot of travelers coming to Hungary do not expect Budapest to be so beautiful, enchanting and well big! Getting about and finding your way can be a great challenge, lucky for you, here at Pub Crawl Budapest we know just what you need.

Bubble Football, Budapest’s latest madness!

Bubble football is currently all the rage around the world! Originating from Norway, the game involves two teams getting into man-sized, transparent balloons and playing soccer without rules or penalties. It started out as a joke on local television but quickly gained popularity among the public as a silly yet exciting sport.

Four Drink Everyone Should Try on Their Pub Crawl

Pub crawling is the next big thing in Budapest, every night huge groups of friendly foreigners set out to explore the thriving pub and bar culture of the city! However prepared these groups are for massive night of partying, once they get to the actual process of ordering, they face some serious questions! What to […]

pub crawl st. patrick

Upcoming Festivals Presented by Pub Crawl Budapest

As winter is coming to an end we are quite. Quite happy to announce that the best of Budapest is yet to come! Granted, there are loads of parties and concerts going on between October and March, but the capital of Hungary truly awakens once spring sets in! Luckily, that’s just a few weeks away, […]

dodolle pub crawl

Best Street Food in Budapest

Budapest is city where east meets west, and thus, traditionally speaking, the Hungarian cuisines has always been quite welcoming to new ideas. While most streets are dominated by fast food joints. Cheap but effective pizza, Chinese and Turkish restaurants, the street food-y artisan side of the culinary palette is also thriving.

new pub crawl in berlin

Welcoming Pub Crawl Berlin to the Fold

New Pub Crawl services are popping up across Europe as this irregular sightseeing activity becomes more and more popular! Stepping up our international game, we are proud to announce the newest member of our family – Pub Crawl Berlin!

Historic Districts with Pub Crawl Budapest

Before arriving to the capital of Hungary most would not assume Budapest to be a city of history, but as the seventh largest city in Europe, there is a lot going on here! With 23 different districts, hundreds of years of history and a total metro population well above 3.3 million, confusion comes easy. This […]

Three fun things to do while in Budapest

If you have already visited our pub crawls or are simply looking for something to do while waiting for your crawl. Here are a few fun activities to try during your stay in Budapest!

pub crawl at fogas

Six Reasons to party with Pub Crawl Budapest!

Budapest may not be the largest city on the map, but sizing up the nightlife of this ever buzzing capital can still be quite a challenge. There are countless parties going on every night, not to mention new bars and pubs opening in the up-and-coming party district of the city. Only the steady guiding advice […]

pubcrawl budapest and august

August Programs for Budapest

Budapest is the party capital of Eastern Europe and if the fact that our pub crawls are packed every night is not proof enough. Here’s another list to convince you! We take a look at the upcoming major summer events of the city in the east that never sleeps. Pub Crawl Budapest presents the best […]

pub crawl barcelona

Introducing Pub Crawl Barcelona

Barcelona is the city of Gaudi, football and Catalan spirit. We are proud to introduce Pub Crawl Barcelona, the latest buzzing backpacker tour of Europe as this time we take the party to the always warm shores of the Mediterranean.

Pub Tour London Launches!

We have always believed that a perfect pub crawl is all about having a great international mix. Now, however, we decided to take it to the next level, and open a pub tour, ON an international level! We present our next big thing, Pub Tour London!


Featuring the Best of Budapest: Fogas, Ellátó and Instant!

Pubs come and go in Budapest’s upcoming party district, except for the greatest of greats. We present the legendary trio of Fogas, Ellátó and Instant!

Budapest Pub Crawl

5 Great Reasons to Join a Budapest Pub Crawl

Going on a Budapest pub crawl is one of the best ways to experience the pumping nightlife of the city. The usual pub crawl enthusiast may not need any convincing to join a night of drink fueled extravaganza, still, we decided to list five great reasons for those yet to make up their mind!