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Spring Party Events in Budapest

When you travel to Budapest, there is no way you can miss out on pub crawl, because Budapest is known for their unique pubs and bars, each possessing their own identity. To miss out on a pub crawl in Budapest is like a sin, because surely you must have heard of all the great parties […]

4 Signs That You will Love Pub Crawls!

Budapest’s nightlife is world famous for a reason. Our pub crawl takes you on tour to the hottest nightlife spots in the city. We’ll race you around some of the best bars that give you an authentic taste of a night out in one of Europe’s top party cities. You will love pub crawls. Here […]

The Most Hip Coffee Places in Budapest

coffe places -pubcrawl budapest

[raw] Coffee. The word just conjures up visions of steam swirling in the air carrying the smells unique to coffee, rich and robust. If you are a coffee addict, simple the word will bring a smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye. And even if you can’t understand the designer coffee frenzy, […]

Budapest Summer Events for August

summer events - pub crawl budapest

[raw] Budapest has a booming tourism industry, with close to double digit growth every year. The most popular time to visit the city is during the summer, when the heat radiates from the pavement and the parties are the craziest. During the summer months the city is packed with concerts and awesome programs, here’s Pub […]

Getting about in Buda and Pest, tips by Pubcrawl Budapest

[raw] A lot of travelers coming to Hungary do not expect Budapest to be so beautiful, enchanting and well big! Getting about and finding your way can be a great challenge, lucky for you, here at Pub Crawl Budapest we know just what you need.

Four Drink Everyone Should Try on Their Pub Crawl

[raw] Pub crawling is the next big thing in Budapest, every night huge groups of friendly foreigners set out to explore the thriving pub and bar culture of the city! However prepared these groups are for massive night of partying, once they get to the actual process of ordering, they face some serious questions! What […]

Best Street Food in Budapest

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[raw] Budapest is city where east meets west, and thus, traditionally speaking, the Hungarian cuisines has always been quite welcoming to new ideas. While most streets are dominated by fast food joints. Cheap but effective pizza, Chinese and Turkish restaurants, the street food-y artisan side of the culinary palette is also thriving.

Welcoming Pub Crawl Berlin to the Fold

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[raw] New Pub Crawl services are popping up across Europe as this irregular sightseeing activity becomes more and more popular! Stepping up our international game, we are proud to announce the newest member of our family – Pub Crawl Berlin!