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5 Great Reasons to Join a Budapest Pub Craw

1. A Budapest Pub Crawl with Insider Guides

It has become more and more trendy to get to know a city from the inside and not just outside. Visiting the Castle, Heroe's Square, Széchenyi Bath is allright, but if you follow only the tour guide books, you are going to miss the essence of the city. By having an insider guide you give a chance to get involved in the real life of Budapest. How could you get more information than having drinks with a native?

2. International party

What if we told you we have crawlers from all over the world: Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA, Mexico and even from Peru? Does this sound international enough? We bet you have never ever sit at the same table with colourful nations like these. Making international connections is not just a cultural experience, you can also look for the benefits. Let’s count in how many languages can you say ’Egészségedre’?

3. Ruin pubs

If you are having drinks in Budapest, then definitely do it in ruin pubs. Why? Because there is no such an eclectic pub culture anywhere else in the world. Would you like to have a fröccs in the decent car of the socialism era, the Trabant? You can do that. You can also take part in the Hungarian nightlife, because ruin pubs are not only for tourists – the citizens drink their Friday night beer here as well. Feel free to chat them up, after all, discovering the local nightlife if the goal of a Budapest pub crawl!

4. Free shots

Join the bar crawl and enjoy to be our guest for free shots at every stop! The aim is not to be soaking drunk, but having a couple drinks make a lot of things easier. For instance, the next point. Great conversations and all night parties are good friends with shots. As you can see, a Budapest pub crawl is not for the faint hearted - but that's the way we like it!

5. New friends from all over the world

Therefore, after a couple shots you can’t avoid getting to know each other. Even if you attend by yourself or with your friends, there are always a lot of interesting people experiencing their first Budapest pub crawl. Since the bar tour is international - as it was mentioned in point 2 – you also have a chance to take a look not only in the Hungarian, but any other cultures. Moreover, if you already fell in love with Budapest, having a night out with locals is a great way to make native connections!


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