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Bars with a Story to Tell: Budapest's Oldest Watering Holes » Pub Crawl Budapest

Every city has its own iconic places where generations went to quench their thirst, and by all means, Budapest is no different in this respect. With a strong and well-established alcohol culture, the city boasts of some historic pubs, which should be included in your Budapest pub crawl itinerary!

A pub known for its homemade beer and Wiener schnitzel sandwiches is the Wichmann in Kazincy Street. If you take a look at all the fancy bars in the street, this is the odd one out. A true local’s place, it has been serving customers for 30 years now. Its founder is Tamás Wichmann, Olympic medalist canoeist, who originally named it Saint Jupát, in honor of the fictional guardian saint of canoe rovers, but eventually picked up the name Wichmann. Drinks are cheap, tables are dark, and everything is a preserved relic of the 80’s. The building itself has a little secret: this was the house of the painter master, who designed and later painted the cards of the so-called Hungarian deck two centuries ago.

The Ibolya Presszó next to Ferenciek Square is the place for those who love the vintage 60’ and 70’ era chic. The original establishment opened in 1968 to benefit the youngsters of Budapest, and the new owner restored the place into its original form in 2009. The style and the mood of the pub definitely retained its original character, and the modern equipment helped to bring the vintage chic into new life. Check out the original menus and the old posters on the wall to get a glimpse of the past! It serves a good selection of beer and wine, and due to its central location, it is frequented by locals and tourists alike.

A new addition to the line of classics is the Club Vittula. Situated in a dark cellar in Kertész Street, Vittula is frequented by people from all walks of life. Saturday nights are the time for party with local bands and live performances. If you want to know the meaning of the word Vittula, ask the bartender or search it online! So if you ever wonder, where to go before a party in Budapest, make sure to check in at one of these historic places. Just book a pub crawl in Budapest with us and enjoy some fun time with friends!


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