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Best affordable wines of Hungary

A nice Budapest pub crawl adventure is incomplete without the tasting of Hungarian wines. Wherever you go, whether it’s a pub or a restaurant, feel free to ask for the wine selection. Hungarian wines are excellent in quality and most of them come in moderated prices. Listen to our top picks!

A good choice for first timers is the Balaton wine region. Probably the most suitable region to produce wine in the country, Balaton boasts of the best white wines you can choose from. Olaszrizling is good for fröccs particularly, or try Irsai Olivér, if you prefer sweeter tastes. The Figula Winery sells them at a reasonable price, mostly fresh and new wines, which can be a real hit for the summer. Look for their Zenit wine, which is the freshest of the year made from a special grape.

All Budapest parties come alive when the wines of Nyakas Winery are served. Look for the horse on the label, the company sells mostly white wine from the Etyek region, which is close to Budapest itself. In fact, if you like their wine, you can go and participate at an official tasting since they are close to the city. Their Irsai Olivér, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc won’t disappoint you. They are also nice choices for fröccs but very much enjoyable during the summer.

For those who prefer red wine, the Villány wine region is the best choice. The region features some of the best Hungarian red wines, most notable Portuguiser. This type is done perfectly by Bock Winery, the largest producers in Villány. Dare try their Cuvés or Merlot, not to mention their excellent new Rosé. These wines are stronger types, dark red in color and best enjoyed by themselves. If you’re a seasoned drinker, you just have to try. The bottle may look fancy, but the price and the quality are just great!

Budapest parties start with a nice glass of wine, so dare try the best the country has to offer! You can easily become addicted. If you already feel the good vibes, join us on our pub crawl adventure to make new friends and to have the time of your life. Visit our page to learn more!


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