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The Best Spas of Budapest

What is the best way to rejuvenate after a pub crawl in Budapest? The time-proven method would be the traditional and world-class spas of Budapest. You can’t leave the city without trying one of the best thermal baths, saunas and outdoor pools. Our quick guide will guide you through the steamy mist of spas.

A favorite among youngsters is the Király Bath House, located in Buda, close to the Margaret Bridge. The oldest bathhouse of the city dates back to the Turkish era, and with a perfectly preserved structure, it is a unique cultural heritage in itself. Although it is a bit rusty in some parts, the whole place has a vintage look, but it has a certain draw by being the cheapest among spas. A Turkish bath inside will get your body in shape with hot water pools, a sauna and a Jacuzzi. Venture outside if you want to dip yourself into a hot tub in the middle of winter, or relax in the shady greens of the garden during the summer.

Another excellent option is the nearby Lukács Thermal Bath with its enormous complex of pools and hidden saunas. A bit more expensive, though still in the middle-range, the spa has 3 distinct parts: thermal bath, open air pool, rooftop terrace. The thermal area has a medicinal water coming from the depths of the nearby hills, and it has a proven effect on muscular and joint pain, as well as hangover. The outdoor pool is an all-year-round hit with warm water circulated inside, adding some fountains and massage taps to enhance the pleasure. The summer classic is the rooftop terrace with a small gym area, to show of that biceps of yours!

An illustrious one in the collection, Gellért Spa has all you need for a refreshing hangover cure. The enormous main hall features outstanding decorations, mosaics and painted tiles that will surely amaze you. Being here is almost like taking a bath in a museum. The large hot water pools, swimming pool and vast outside area will be a hit in the summer for sure. So, if you venture on a Budapest party and dance till the morning light, make sure to start your next day in one of the excellent spas of the city. Just book your pub crawl with us and have a blast!


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