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Best Street Food in Budapest

Budapest is city where east meets west, and thus, traditionally speaking, the Hungarian cuisines has always been quite welcoming to new ideas. While most streets are dominated by fast food joints. Cheap but effective pizza, Chinese and Turkish restaurants, the street food-y artisan side of the culinary palette is also thriving.

In fact, the street food revolution of Budapest started out in a quite spectacular manner. If we may say so. The usual recipe for such a turn of culinary events goes like this: Take something local and traditional. Reinvent it. Apply Helvetica font and other minimalist finishing touches. Boom you have yourself a business!

In Budapest everything happened in the same manner, except the traditional food. It was plain old simple soup. Small places in popular areas started to hand out cheap but yummy soups, often bringing in exotic spices and modern flavors (Thai food?), making it an instant hit.

Soup places like Leves and Bors spearheaded this revolution, only to be followed by all the other branches of the food-military. Nowadays you can find traditional Hungarian sausages (kolbász) in a typical street food environment, along with great burger, taco, and any international -but- popular kiosks! (Sushi!)

Just wander into the party district of Budapest, the infamous and often chaotic seventh district, between Blaha Lujza, Deák Ferenc, Astoria and Nyugati squares), and you will stumble upon dozens of great places within minutes. Business is indeed booming, making your Budapest Pub Crawl expereince a memorable one! If you happen to be hungry before you pub crawl, do check out these places! And remember, eating before drinking is everything!


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