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Why Book Online your Pub Crawl?

Hello and welcome to 2018! It is a magical world, where you don’t have to send letters with pigeons anymore, you don’t even have to call someone if you want to chat. Well, all right, since we’re not such pros in mind reading (yet), you’ll probably need at least one device to communicate with people who are not physically around you. This is also a good start to book a Budapest pub crawl – you just need a phone/laptop/iPad/etc. and WiFi of course, and you’re all set.

It’s always better to book online, as it has some really nice advantages.The first and foremost reason to do that is pretty obvious if you think about it: it is always available. It’s one of the biggest wonders of the 21th century! You don’t have to walk in to an office and adjust your daily tasks to the opening hours. And please, imagine the situation when you just figured out you want to join a pub crawl, but it starts in less than an hour. It would have been a problem – like, yeah, 15 years ago, but as we said it’s magical 2018 already, so you don’t have to worry about last minute bookings, it’s just super simple and convenient. Good to know that our website is available in a mobile friendly version as well, so that makes bookings even easier.
Please remember to bring your confirmation email to take part in the pub crawl. You can show it to the pub crawl guides either on your phone or printed out. But why print it out when you can have it on your phone, right? The magic of the 21th century, again…

We saved the best for last: another reason to choose online booking is if you pay via PayPal, you can save 5 euros / person! That means you pay about half the price for a Budapest pub crawl, which, in our opinion, sounds pretty awesome.

Check out our website and book a tour today – or tomorrow, or basically anytime you want, because that’s the whole point, right?


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