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Daytrips Around Budapest for a Breath of Fresh Air

Are your looking for a little fresh air after a long day of sightseeing and pub crawl of Budapest? There’s a lot to see around the Hungarian capital, so don’t hesitate, just jump on a train or a bus and escape to nature. Pick one of the following to have an excellent day in the green!

A great way to escape the city is by heading north along the Danube. The first stop where you can get off is Szentendre, a picturesque little town by the river. A popular destination for locals and foreigners alike, the place has a laid-back atmosphere and a good selection of local restaurants to choose from. It used to be an artist refuge, so you can buy some paintings if you’re into that. Getting here is very easy with the suburban railway taking you right into town. If you decide to continue further by bus, head for the majestic bend of the Danube at Visegrád. A short climb will take you to the medieval fortress to have a little insight into Hungarian history and enjoy the amazing panorama from the bastions. Fans of trekking might want to try the hills in the other side, the path to Julianus lookout point takes you through a dense forest. Nomads and beach lovers might want to go to the tip of the Szentendre Island to Kisoroszi for a small and isolated little beach in the middle of the Danube.

The lake of Velence is only 40 minutes by train from Budapest and it is an excellent spot for a bit of relaxation. In the summer, it is a popular beach destination because of its excellent connection to Budapest. Also, the bicycle track around the lake is now completely renovated, so if you decide to take a tour you can easily rent a bike and do so. Local restaurants and wineries are open and there are numerous points of interest on the road. You can easily add a day to your trip and complement your Budapest party experience with a little escape from town. Make sure to check our site for the best offers for your pub crawl holiday and book now!


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