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Featuring the Best of Budapest: Fogas, Ellátó and Instant!

Pubs come and go in Budapest’s upcoming party district, except for the greatest of greats. We present the legendary trio of Fogas, Ellátó and Instant! We like to mix up our pub crawl from time to time. Giving a fresh, yet authentic experience is our main goal here at localhost/ meaning that sometimes a bar has to be dropped. Like children, we love them all, but change is good. Nothing personal! However, there is a trio of pubs that we just cannot let go. Why? Because they are that good. Fogas, Instant and Ellátó have all become part of the city’s ruin pub heritage. All three have a rich history to share with their first 10 year anniversaries coming up rapidly – in ruin-pub years, just like dog-years, that’s a lot!


Fogas Ház – a clever wordplay, meaning Hanger-Toothed House – is a hip pub by day, a buzzing party place by night. The line in-between can be blurry. Fogas is known for its eccentric party events and atmospheric setting. One can easily stumble upon an insane Halloween party or a hip LMBTQ dance-off! Set in the heart of Budapest’s party district, all is welcome at Fogas to have a fun night.


Ellátó Kert (Suppy Garden) is probably the quietest of the trio, but that does not take away from the value it represents. In fact, the charm of Ellátó lays in its homey, confy feel. Steeping into the vast complex, consisting of semi-closed gardens, indoor bars and jam places, all connected by an intricate set of passageways, is just like getting home. If we had to characterize the pub in a sentence, we would probably say this: Ellátó is Budapest’s living room, where smooth jazz and the smell of rough beer fills the air night after night!


If Fogas is known for its variety of events, Instant is the polar opposite, you will always find roughly the same party. Sounds boring? Not a chance. Instant is probably the most active party place of Budapest right now. Set in a huge, ancient apartment building, the many dance floors and bars of Instant are always occupied by a great mix of international and local party lovers. Instant has action going on every day of the week, and the interior design is bordering on the effects of psychedelic substances, creating an atmosphere that is, simply put, the pride of Budapest’s night life! Oh, and by the way. All our pub crawls end in Instant, and by the time our groups arrive there, everyone is quite eager to storm the dance floors!


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