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Four Drink Everyone Should Try on Their Pub Crawl

Pub crawling is the next big thing in Budapest, every night huge groups of friendly foreigners set out to explore the thriving pub and bar culture of the city! However prepared these groups are for massive night of partying, once they get to the actual process of ordering, they face some serious questions! What to drink? What is local? What do Hungarians drink? Pub Crawl Budapest is here to help you out on this matter!


Coming to Hungary, the first word you will probably learn is either “pálinka”, or “egészségedre” (cheers). Well, not all do manage to master the latter, but you get the point. Pálinka is a strong beverage distilled from fermented fruit. Every pálinka is different with unique aroma, taste, and characteristics. Must try!


Fröccs, or Spitzer, is a uniquely Hungarian drink that mixes fizzy water and wine. The key to a good Fröccs lies in the ratio, as there are dozens of different famous combinations out there. Head to the bar and ask for the most common ones, our favorite, for example is “vice rosé” (pronounced “we-tse”). Three parts spitzer, two parts rosé wine, the ideal summer soothing drink!


Unicum is Hungary’s answer to Jägermeister, or rather the preceeding answer to the popular party drink, since Unicum has been around since, well, forever. Originally designed as a digestive herbal drink, the company has found the way to adjust to modern partying tastes with drinks like Unicum Next. Do try both, and decide for yourself!


This one is not for the faint of heart! Keserű (“bitter”) is not a brand, more like a common category of cheap, but highly volatile drinks. It is an essential part of the Hungarian drinking culture - granted, maybe not the upscale end of the spectrum. It is an honest’ man’s honest working drink. The taste? Take it with pride, son!


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