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Before Going on a Pub Crawl, Why not try Mud Wrestling

If there were ever a city that screams “pub crawl!” then it has to be Budapest, the jewel of the Danube and the heart of Central Europe, a city of classical beauty and charming traditions, and most importantly, excellent beer. Where else to enjoy a pub-crawling adventure than in the city of ruin bars, trendy parties and Hungarian beauties, palinkas, borsodis and sopronis? Taking a winding tour through the city’s bars and pubs is a great way to explore the place, familiarise yourselves with the people and the culture, and take in a selection of fascinating Hungarian drinks.

So, what options do we have for warming up before the pub crawl? Well there are many to choose from, but one eye-opening spectator sport that’s taken Central Europe by storm in recent years is the ancient and boisterous contest of mud wrestling. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your favourite shirt and pair of jeans will be caked in dirt and torn to shreds by the Mud Monster of Magyar. Rather than involve yourself in the tussle, visitors to Mud Wrestling Budapest can watch rounds of wrestling from the side of the ring, with a beverage of choice with which to sit back and enjoy the show. It’s a far cry from watching a Premier League match down the pub!

So, who are these dirty wrestling Olympians that we will be watching? Well remember this is 21stcentury Budapest and not Ancient Greece, so rather than a muscle-bound Spartan, picture yourself watching some of the lovely specimens that Hungary is so famous for: finely-crafted and well-proportioned Central European beauties that are well used to being the cause of traffic accidents on their way to work. These wrestlers are not exactly of MMA calibre, but as you view their scantily-clad bodies brawling and caressing in a gloopy mire, you may find yourself willing to forgive their lack of sporting prowess.

All in all, it’s a fantastic way to start your Hungarian night, with some enjoyable and visually-pleasing entertainment, and it will set you up perfectly for a Budapest pub crawlthat will show you the highlights of this enticing city.


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