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Hangover Spots in Budapest

On waking up feeling worse for wear after a legendary pubcrawl Budapest , the question on the lips of many might be: ‘what can I do with myself in this delicate state of disrepair?’. Fortunately, in Budapest there is a range of options that seem to have been designed precisely for the seriously, or even mildly hungover sufferers of the Budapest pubcrawl culture.

If you can still feel last night’s Sopronis in your system, then perhaps the first item on your agenda will be to fill your stomach with some much-needed hangover food, of which Europe’s ‘Pearl of the Danube’ can provide many options. When it comes to places for a nourishing brunch, Budapest offers the morning’s hangover victim almost as many spots as it does for the evening’s pubcrawling adventurer, and visitors will find themselves spoilt for choice.

Not sure where to start? Allow us to fortify you with a few ideas. The trendy, urban Stika serves an all-day breakfast including poached eggs, crispy bacon, salmon benedict or pancakes and maple syrup. If you’re looking for somewhere a bit more local then you could try Kino Café, also with the all-day option – handy for when your day didn’t start too early! Kino can provide your hangover with coffee, croissants, French toast and home-made sausages. Brios is better for a slightly lighter breakfast option of fruit juice and muesli, while SzendZso has salami baguettes, local sausages, cheese and yogurts of traditional Hungarian cuisine.

Now that you’ve sated your Hungarian hunger, you will probably feel revitalised and ready for something more energetic, yet also relaxing. What better way to nurse a lingering hangover than at one of the world-famous Budapest spas? The spas may bring your weary body just the detox that you were looking for, and there is no better place to be for that than in Budapest which has no fewer than 118 medicinal water springs. The most famous is perhaps the Szechenyi Bath and Pool, the Gallert Baths is more known for being beautiful and grand, the medieval Turkish Rudas Bath is of historical interest, while the Lukacs Bath is more popular among locals. Take your pick! And then after a good soak you might just be ready for another Budapest pubcrawl!


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