Historic Districts with Pub Crawl Budapest


Before arriving to the capital of Hungary most would not assume Budapest to be a city of history, but as the seventh largest city in Europe, there is a lot going on here! With 23 different districts, hundreds of years of history and a total metro population well above 3.3 million, confusion comes easy. This is where a handy pub crawl guide can help you out - here is pub crawl Budapest’s top three list of our favorite districts of this ever buzzing city!

District V - The historic Pest and around Deák Square

This is the inner city, where most of the governmental and touristy buildings reside. The area has served as a fortification for thousand of years, but with the city walls long gone this is difficult to imagine nowadays. Instead, District V is the center of not just a city, but a whole nation. Most importantly, Deák Ferenc Square is is where you pub crawl starts every night!

District I - Buda Castle

Buda is supposedly the boring side of the city, but such harsh words are unnecessary. Granted, as there are no parties in this part of the city - no pub crawl will ever venture here. This is, however, a good thing! District one is all about royal history as the majestic Buda Castle resides here among other impressive architectural and cultural sights.

District VII - Here Be Pub Crawls

As the exponentially emerging party district of Budapest, this is where all hell breaks loose every night. You guessed right, this is where our pub crawls embark every night of the year, introducing thousands of foreigners to the wonders of Budapest and ruin pubs. Bring your wits, your best smile, and be prepared for a night you will never forget! None other than the always knowledgeable Pub Crawl Budapest crew will be your guide!