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Holiday during these difficult times


We know, it is extremely difficult to plan your holiday during these difficult times. So much uncertainty - very hard to keep yourself motivated in the perfect holiday activity research. Don’t worry, we understand, and we got you! But we have some good news for you. You are already at the right place at the right time. Pub crawls are fun and unique opportunities, from which you can carry the memories forever with you. 

Now we will help to focus on the fun part and will make it much easier for you regarding the planning.

Planning and figuring out takes time but if you have the right people behind a company (yes, we do take compliments haha) then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

We would like you to have fun in Budapest. The Hungarian capital cannot wait to welcome you!

So, let’s see, first – Choosing the destination

This has been decided already. Budapest in the summer, Budapest in the winter and between, in the meantime, also in the autumn. 

Great city with amazing restaurants, cool pubs, with a very diverse scale of bars. Never boring nightlife and last but not least, one of the best pub crawls in Europe. Or in the world? Help us figure it out!

You can find many accommodation options, from luxury hotels to cheaper, but super cool Airbnb-s in downtown Budapest, there is everything you are looking for. Thankfully all these places are close to the starting point of our pub crawls and bar crawls, so you can have everything within walking distance.

Sounds like a win-win to us! 

You come here, enjoy our services and we are also having fun with you.

The second biggest question: What to pack? 

Unless you are coming in the winter you don’t need much. Have your passport, money and some extra clothes with you. The summer is very enjoyable in Hungary, sometimes even a bit too hot. We recommend coming in the spring or in the autumn if you cannot handle the crazy heat.

In the autumn time there are a bit less tourists, so you can have a more peaceful and more pleasant journey if you do not want to tolerate the big crowds. But be prepared! Pubs, bars and nightclubs are almost always crowded! You cannot really find a time of the year, when it is not overwhelming to be out in Budapest. 

Now you have a place to go, everything in your luggage... What else do you need?

Exactly! Your buddies!

Are you planning a stag do or a hen party? But even if it’s just a regular holiday, you will need someone to go with. We are happy to welcome you and your fellow drinking partners on one of our pub crawls. Diving into Budapest’s nightlife has never been more fun with the ones you already know. It doesn’t mean of course that you cannot meet some new faces during your stay, but why not come with your friends?

Now we are almost done! But have you decided which tour you're gonna take? Is it going to be a bar tour, a beer tour, or a night club tour?

Book your tour now and come and enjoy your days off with us on one of our pub crawls in Budapest!


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