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Hungarians love shots


Hungarians love shots, but they love one thing more than shots – their own shots. Pálinka or unicum? Doesn’t matter, you have to try it all when participating in a pub crawl. This is a must on a night out in Budapest, especially if you choose to join one of our pub crawling events. You might get used to beer and lighter boozes, but in Hungary we don’t joke around with those.

Like that other boozy Hungarian favorite, the fruit brandy pálinka, Unicum is largely savored as an aperitif or a digestif in shot form. Produced by Budapest based beverage company Zwack, it's a herbal liqueur comprising a secret blend of more than 40 herbs and spices aged in oak.

48% discount to the Unicum House, if you have the Budapest Card. In addition to the story of the Zwack family, tourists can learn the details of a special recipe that has been secret for 230 years. They can visit the old distillery, which is called the “Heart of Unicum” as the legendary drink is made here. The house hides bottles and machines from several centuries, but the spices can also be seen. Of course, most of them remain secret, the names of all herbs cannot be revealed.) Visitors of the museum can also take part in special digital experiences.

Unicum, as one of the most traditional Hungarian drinks, is an unmissable element of trips to Hungary, especially in colder times. During the tour you can taste Unicum and Unicum Plums. Unicum Riserva is a real Hungarikum, because this type is being made in the barrels of Tokaj Aszú, the world famous sweet wine. This is the most expensive wine making process, and some of this wine is added to the Riserva.

A new edition was released not so long ago, called Unicum Barista, which is a special flavour that reminds the customer of a fresh coffee.

Every country and nation has their own traditional alcoholic drinks, so do we. Hungary is famous for its pálinka and the history around it.

For any celebration, event or gathering – any excuse would do, actually – Hungarians bring out their most revered beverage: pálinka. This brandy is made of 100% of fruits,  – with an alcohol content ranging from 37-86% – is a staple in any Hungarian household, and its history is entwined with that of the country itself. For a good batch of pálinka you don’t need anything else than good quality fruit and some time to let it ferment.

The most common ingredients for pálinka are plum, quince, raspberry, cherry, grape, pear, apple and apricot, but any fruit can be used. The only steadfast rule, according to Hungarian law, is that the name pálinka must be reserved for drinks made in Hungary out of Hungarian fruit and ingredients.

You can try these drinks and many types of them during our pub crawl experience in the Hungarian capital. We recommend not to miss out on the taste of pálinka and Unicum, because they have belonged to Hungarian culture for decades.


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