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If Paris is the city of Love, then Budapest is the city of pubs


Pubcrawling, hop on hop off buses, electric scooters, nice restaurants and pubs, beautiful sights and exciting activities is everything that you need for having fun in Budapest. 

Budapest has so many faces, in the daytime, it can be an average, but insanely beautiful capital city, with spacious parks and breathtaking statues. The Danube is crossing the city, as it’s going down to the black sea, the city is hugging the river from both sides. Hills, chapels, fountains, old churches and both old and new buildings. It is a city with a rich history and many stories.

Beside this, Budapest plays a major role in European nightlife: Random, fun, busy, bohemian – Budapest’s nightlife is always buzzing. From ramshackle ruin pubs through to lavish rooftop spots, cool cocktail venues, wine bars, clubs and riverside hangouts, the Hungarian capital city is brimming with places to sink a drink and dance all night. Let’s explore the various places you can reach in the city if you feel like going out and having a night off from your house duties. 


Budapest is the home of ruin bars as we said it before. Ruin pubs are on the top of each other, at some places literally. You can find places with several floors, like Szimpla Kert, where one room is a different pub than the other. A big amount of people can fit in there and you will be surprised how big the space is when the sun goes down.

Take some old discarded furniture and random knick-knacks, cram them into an abandoned building, ideally with crumbling walls, fill it with booze and hipster vibes and – ta-da! – there’s your ruin bar. You can find so many types and styles. A never ending night is about to happen, when you step into one of these cool locations. They're a dime-a-dozen, especially in party central District VII, where you can bar hop all night if you’d like. After a long day of sightseeing and wandering around, this place will sure help to relax your nerves. 


Budapest boasts a cutting-edge cocktail culture with dimly-lit drinking dens and speakeasy vibes galore. Besides bringing classic favorites to perfection, bartenders also often create off the cuff, tailoring drinks to your taste. How do you like that? Yes! Personalized drinks with insanely good drinks, liquors and tasty garnish. We just can’t say no to this! 


With art nouveau masterpieces, monumental landmarks, colorful rooftops, rolling green hills and the river dotting the city’s skyline, Budapest is a sight to behold from up above, not only from the streets or from the ruin pubs.

There are plenty of rooftop bars with wraparound views of the city, and most of them operate year-round. In one of them you can find an igloo village, which is there in the winter to keep all the visitors warm and cozy. In the summertime fluffy pillows, comfy chairs and soft seats will accommodate you.


We told you! Budapest is the best pick when it comes to quality, good price-value and fun.


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