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Longest trams in Budapest

Budapest is famous for some of its public transport vehicles and solutions for the transportation in the capital.

We have seen the iconic Tram line 2 in many Christmas photos and advertisements of the city, we have seen different subway stations in the history books, as one of the oldest ones in Europe, and we have also seen cool looking cable cars going up on the Buda hill, taking people up to the top, to the Castle District. 

We have seen it all, but there is something, not many people are talking about… How can you go through the longest party area with the busiest tramline in Europe? Well, it is not that easy – also you have to choose the time when you are traveling carefully, since the tram is unapproachable in some periods of the day.


Tram 4-6 plays a special role in Budapest's transport and cityscape. The tram defines the image of the Grand Boulevard, Nagykörút and Nagykörút defines Budapest. Pubs, bars, restaurants and plenty of places with great music and drinks and pubcrawls. This is the körút life in a few words. Since it is the busiest tram line in the world, carrying nearly 220,000 passengers a day. How crazy is that! The most expensive trams in Budapest and in the whole country also run here, the 40 Combino units were 1 billion Hungarian Forints when they were purchased. These are the only low-floor trams in Budapest, and they are younger than 28 years old. The busiest line has the longest tram in the world, the Siemens Combino Supra in Budapest is 54 m long. Imagine how many people can fit on that!


The line 4-6 trams have quite a lot of competitors in the world, including the 43 meters long Bombardier Cityrunner in Brussels and the 43 meters long Eurotram in Strasbourg. Other famous trams are the Alstom Citadis in Paris 402 which is 44 meters long and the Bordeaux 402 with 44 meters. None of these reaches 54 meters, which leaves the king of the tram on its throne hopefully forever.


The 4-6 line in Budapest has become a legend, winning several titles: the busiest, the longest, the most expensive. In addition to its key role in transport, the city has become an important social and cultural capital as well, where our pubcrawl comes into the picture as well. Pub crawls are fun, exciting and nonetheless crazy experiences. We wanna make sure you see the best of the best in Budapest, that is why we introduced you to the tram line 4-6. This line goes through the party area of the city, with several pubs, clubs, sport pubs, discos and restaurant Nagykörút is the place to go. 

If you sign up for our pubcrawls you can experience the busy, bustling like in Budapest, and you will probably have to hop on the 4-6, in order to get there. Bring your friends along, but if you are alone, no worries! Pubcrawls are also made for people without company, since we and the other guests will be your company!


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