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Nightlife in Budapest

If you’re interested in our pub crawls, you are most likely here because you’ve heard of Budapest’s unparalleled nightlife. You might even have booked your ticket to Budapest in the hopes of visiting some of Europe’s most authentic ruin pubs and club culture – and you did the right thing! The city of Budapest offers such a buzzing nightlife experience, your biggest challenge will be deciding when to quit partying and go to sleep! Don’t hesitate, join the Budapest nightlife adventure!

Crazy parties in the most famous ruin bars

Budapest’s nightlife is not only famous for its pub crawls and ruin pubs, but also for the greatest parties in Central Europe hosted at some of the larger ruin bars in the area of the city known as the Party District. Most of the nightlife is focused around the area between Oktogon, Király street and Deák Ferenc square – so without surprise, most of the crazy parties, ruin bars and pub crawls are also happening there. If you’re interested in the various ruin pubs and bars of the city, you might want to read our ruin pub guide!

Pub and bar tours all around Budapest

If you want to join Budapest’s best pub crawl, no need to look any further, head over to our reservation page and we’ll see you at the meeting point!

Bar crawls are a bit different from pub crawls – they visit fewer places but spend more time in each of them. The ambience of places visited is also a key difference: while our tours spend most of their time in ruin pubs, the bars of Budapest are a different world: they are a bit more expensive, located in fancier venues and attract an older audience.

Hence, bar crawls are more than simple drink-and-runs. They offer different drink tastings, trivia and bar games to keep you entertained. If you’re interested in Budapest’s bars and playing bar games, head over to our friends at Budapest Pub Crawl, you won’t be disappointed!

Discover the nightlife of Budapest with us!

When we say it is a guided tour, we wish that you will have a good time in great company. It is our pleasure if you enjoy yourself, this was the idea we followed when we hand-picked our team. They’re all young, speak excellent English and have outstanding social skills to get team together and break the ice. We have a strict policy on these terms and we only employ the best. Our reviews speak for themselves!

A guide also comes in handy to secure the good mood. Our staff makes it sure that you will get quality service, VIP entrance and other benefits. They are there to help you in any possible way imaginable. Your guide will tell you about the city, introduce you to local bar culture and he or she will make sure that you have a lot of fun! If you don’t know what pálinka or macifröccs is, you will get acquainted very soon! 


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