Six Reasons to party with Pub Crawl Budapest!

pub crawl at fogas


Budapest may not be the largest city on the map, but sizing up the nightlife of this ever buzzing capital can still be quite a challenge. There are countless parties going on every night, not to mention new bars and pubs opening in the up-and-coming party district of the city. Only the steady guiding advice of Pub Crawl Budapest can help with this mess! This is why we recommend to go on a pub crawl with us on your Budapest nightout. Come with us…

1) If you need company!

We have a pub crawl running every night. Sometimes small, sometimes large, but we make sure that you can meet new friends. With Pub Crawl Budapest you are never alone!

2) To taste local specialties!

Saying that the Hungarian drinking culture is colorful is a severe understatement. Have trouble figuring out the best pálinka, maybe want to try fröccs? How about unicum? And what’s the deal with beers? Our guides can sort you out no problem!

3) To visit the best bars!

The party district of Budapest is packed with great, good, and OK bars & clubs. Finding your bearing can be tricky, but with pub crawl Budapest we only take you to the most popular bars and clubs. We live to find the middle ground between too hip and too touristy!

4) To help with your budget!

Drinking can be expensive. Yes, the booze is cheap in Budapest, but there are clubs that will rip your wallet a new one without any remorse. On our pub crawl you get free drinks and we only take you to budget-friendly clubs.

5) Because we are Easy to Find

We start our pub crawl Budapest tours in the heart of the city, which is Deák Ferenc square. Every night we gather in front of the little church - we are in fact quite easy to spot, as there is usually a formidable group awaiting their pubcrawl funkyness!

6) For Friendly, sexy and local guides!

All true. Nuff’ said here, really.