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Winter time doesn’t mean that the party stops in Budapest. In fact, pub crawls are still pretty much in full swing. This is something you don’t have to worry about. On the other hand, cold weather can pose a threat to your health, especially to the nose. Try avoiding the nasty cold with a few simple tricks!

Partying in Budapest is an activity that never stops and usually lasts way late into the night. When winter is here, it can get pretty cold, especially at night, sometimes reaching -10oC or less. When you’re having a good time and might have had some alcohol too, your senses react differently and might inform you that it’s warm outside so you don’t have to take that coat or scarf. Well, this is the part where you’re in trouble.

A pub crawl in Budapest takes you to several – heated – places, but there’s a short walk between them. Short, but good enough to expose you to some severe cold. We suggest, as your parents did, to wear a scarf and protect your throat when moving between places. It might sound childish, but you don’t want to spend your time in bed when you can party. Also, wearing a cap after leaving a dance hall can be a good idea too.

Aside from these methods, there are much more pleasant ways to help out your cold throat. Budapest has a many mulled-wine stands open during the winter, since it’s a typical winter drink in Hungary. If you feel cold, get a hot mug of wine or punch to save your vocal chords. Not to mention the fact that these drinks now also come in an infused version, most notably with rum or pálinka, so they serve a dual purpose of improving your mood and health. Don’t hesitate to ask for a little remedy when on the streets, our guide will help you out!

Are you feeling up a to Budapest party in the winter? If so, get your bags ready and make a booking on our site to enjoy a first class pub crawl with us!


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