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The Most Popular Mixed Drinks of Budapest

Budapest has put itself on the party map and invented its own drinks to celebrate. A new inventory is available in most pubs so look for the local stuff when on a pub crawl in Budapest. If you don’t know what is macifröccs or fény yet, this is your guide to feel at home in Hungary.

Mixing drinks is an art. This particular form of art is mostly known for cocktails around the world like Long Island Ice Tea, Manhattan or Tequila Sunrise. Of course, you can get these wherever you go, these are not special. Budapest has invented a few drinks that really deserve attention. Most of these are student’s creations, so don’t expect anything fancy.
A popular choice in Budapest is to ask for a macifröccs. It is a very simple drink: add white wine and sparkling water – called szóda in Hungary – which makes fröccs. Maci means bear, so it has to be something in connection with sweet fruits, therefore bartenders add raspberry syrup to it. This is a sweet little refreshing drink for the summer!

Another drink you might find on your pubcrawl is alattomos. It is a drink that will give you a surprise. A shot glass is given a little spot of tabasco sauce, raspberry juice and vodka on top. Down to whole thing to feel the strength of vodka, the sweetness of raspberry and the outright hot sensation of the hot sauce. It will be a memorable experience.

A thing that has been on the menu for long is the so-called fény (light) cocktail. Hungarians have their old soda making bottles that can be infused with carbonic acid to create fizzy water. If you replace water with vodka and add a little sweet juice, you will create a high-pressure drink that will blow your senses! It can easily go to your head, so be careful!

Whatever you plan for your stay in Hungary, the highlight of your trip will be a true Budapest party experience. Join us on an epic pub crawl to experience the magic! Visit our site to learn more and make a booking today!


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