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Prosecco and Beer Bikes? Yes, please!

Beer Bikes became really popular in the past few years, and for a good reason: they give sightseeing tours a twist, so you can sit comfortably with your friends and sip on a beer or two while you’re enjoying the city sights. It’s actually a beautiful and simple Budapest pub crawl – more like a pub roll, but let’s just get ourselves over this joke, shall we?

If you’re not really into beer, or want this occasion to be a bit more fancy, don’t worry, as there is a new type of exciting drink-and-ride vehicle on the way! You’ve probably heard about Prosecco, which is also known as the champagne of Italy. It’s an italian white wine made mostly in Northern Italy from Prosecco or Glera grapes. Prosecco wine can be still, semi-sparkling and sparkling – or as Italians like to call these types: tranquillo, frizzante or spumante. No doubt, Dionysus would be the god of Prosecco instead if he’d known about this heavenly beverage. It’s definitely much lighter than beer, so you won’t feel you’re so full you can’t pedal anymore after the first 20 minutes – and that clearly counts as a benefit if you have a 2 hours long ride.

While we were worshipping Prosecco, we just missed the point: at PedalBar you can rent Prosecco Bikes now instead of Beer Bikes! Enjoy your company with a light, fizzy drink in the Budapest sunset – trust us, we can already tell you want to do this. Plus, you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving either, as the price includes a sober and trustworthy driver who guides you through the beautiful city of Budapest. All you need to do is keep pedalling, and drinking of course. This is the real deal here if you think about it: having fancy, bubbly drinks with your friends, see the most famous sights of the city AND have a little leg workout meanwhile! Do not hesitate longer, grab your friends, book a Prosecco Bike tour at PedalBar, and make the most out of Budapest with this two-in-one sightseeing trip and pub crawl.


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