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Pub crawl is a big part of Budapest’s nightlife


Now that after a long lockdown period  places opened their doors again; tourists are back in the city and the nightlife is  becoming to look like the year before last year; you can experience something different  by participating on one of these nights. You can join our events and activities all year  long, we are not afraid of the weather - even if it’s too hot or too cold - we are ready to  party with you! 

This is not a regular activity that comes to your mind, when planning a holiday, but it is  definitely worth it to try it out. Something unique, exciting and  

Proper pub crawls showcase the local drinking culture of a country. Budapest’s unique  ruin pub culture puts the city on the party map of Europe, meaning a pub crawl has to  include the best of the best! 

And yes, we do that! We take you to several world-famous ruin pubs, and some less  knowns ones too (so that you get to avoid the usual touristy crowds, which is one of the  most important when you would like to experience a culture and a new country from a  different point of view. 

Who are we?  

A fresh and energetic, young and motivated pub crawl organizer company, that wants  you to have the best time of your life during your holiday in Budapest. We would like you to experience the city as a local and find the places that you wouldn’t  normally visit.  

To start the night off you will get some free welcome shots at the beginning of your tour  - no true pub crawl is complete without a few shots to start it off! 

During our pub-crawls, the most important thing is that you are having fun and enjoying  the night – therefore we would like to make it as easy for you as possible.  At every location the entrance fee and the drink costs are already covered, you just have  to go into the bars, grab those beers and shots and get lost in the crawling.  

When do we recommend going on a pub crawl?  

Basically anytime! There is no right or wrong timing for this, you can celebrate your stag  do or hen party with us – spending the whole night with your friends and some cool  strangers you will meet in the city during the pub crawl will make this night  unforgettable.

We are offering different packages, so if you join one tour and you decide to come for  another one later, while you are in Budapest, you can choose from a different option. Try  out all of them to find the one the fits you the most! 

Let’s go through on what we offer and where are we going to take you during your stay.  Beer tour  

Looking for a place to party in style? Do you prefer clubbing in a nightclub or cocktail bar  as opposed to a sweaty disco? Are you looking for a cocktail lounge, sipping a smooth  mojito or and ice-cold Pina Colada with a dash of lively conversations? Then we have the  perfect night out for you with bar crawl! Read through the other two options we offer and choose the one that is the best fit for you!  

Bar tour  

Interested in beer and would like to see what Budapest can offer? In this case you are in  luck! We organize what is essentially a beer tasting event, where we go to as many pubs  as we can, and have a glass of the best brews Europe has to offer.  

Night club tour  

If you are interested in nightclubs and enjoy a good striptease combined with a pub  crawl through Budapest, just give us a shout so we can show you why Hungary is  famous for its great nightclub culture. This is a private tour, it is by request only. Please  make sure to book it in advance! 

Now, are you ready to choose? Do you know what will be the best for you and where can  you have the most fun surrounded by friends and family? 

Good news is that you can participate on all three if you would like to. 

So, after we listed your options, told you about the right time, when to come (there is  actually no right time, every day should be a party ☺ ) now, it is time to have a more  serious conversation about the safety measurements. 

During the past year, we have experienced, that our health is the most important thing  in the whole world, and we have to keep that in mind in the following months and years  as well, so we can enjoy the life just like we did in the past. 

We would like to list our ultimate five tips for a crazy but safe party in Budapest 

As they say, a little party never killed nobody – and we really wish it was true, although  we all know that it’s unfortunately not. Yes, we know, when you’re on a pub crawl, in the  fifth (or sixth...? Who’s counting?) bar, drinking your fifth (again, who’s counting, really)  drink it’s hard to follow, but if you do, no party ever has to turn out badly. Budapest is a  safe place in general, but we know, that knowing the rules and basic laws, can protect  your health as well. Here are the most important rules to follow when you go out: 

Alcohol breaks 

Take a break in alcohol consumption with a non-alcoholic beverage! This helps you not to  pass out early and keeps you hydrated. Try it and drink a glass of juice or water between  two beers, or switch your every third alcoholic drink to a glass of water. You’ll thank  yourself in the morning. This way you will be able to avoid a massive hangover and those  killer headaches. 

We think that especially in these times we live in right now it is very important to mention  that you should always drink only from your own glass. Not only because of the hygiene,  but also it is the safest choice to make from every aspect. Always enjoy the party, be  present, but also be careful when partying in a new, unknown city. 

Never leave anyone behind 

If you’re going out with a group (which is valid for almost every people who attend to  parties, and who attend parties abroad!), make sure everyone is all right, check on each  other occasionally! 

Okay, there are some situations when you don’t have to... if you know what we mean - but make plans before you go out how to help each other out if there’s an unpleasant  situation.  

It’s a smart thing to discuss a meeting point with the others in case someone is getting  lost you can meet up at this previously discussed location and call this place as your  base - and when you decide to leave, leave together and at least send a message for  one another that you arrived home safely. Take a cab or order a Bolt, since in Budapest  you cannot find Uber, these are your options. You can also find buses, that are going  through the city in the night, but if you can afford to spend a bit more for the  transportation, then choose the taxi. You can also use the public transportation app of  the capital, which is called BKK Futár. In this application you can plan your journey  using BKK's public transport services.

Watch your drinks 

Basic rule: always hold your beverages. If the situation allows, pour it yourself – this is  not the case usually on the pub crawls, but always pay attention to your drinks, no matter  what, because sadly not everyone is as trustable as they seem. 

Never drink and drive 

If you go out by car, always agree before who will stay sober and drive you home. Okay,  sometimes it can get out of hand, but you’ll always have other options: you can hire an  official driver to take you and your car home safely, or you can just leave the car and  call a taxi. Never ride with someone who has been drinking or using drugs. In Budapest  and in whole Hungary there is 0 tolerance, so you cannot drive, not even if you  consumed one beer. It means that driver’s blood alcohol concentration cannot be above  0%. 


Always eat before these occasions, and it's best if you can eat something during  partying as well. Food absorbs alcohol, so you won’t feel that miserable tomorrow. Again,  you’ll thank yourself in the morning... Thankfully Budapest and downtown Budapest where  most of these pubs are located are full of delicious and interesting – also with some local  – street food stands and restaurants that are open till late night. We recommend trying  out the kürtöskalács or chimney cake and a good lángos with sour cream and cheese!  

Hope to see you soon at one of our pub-crawls in Budapest! 


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