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Safety Tips for the Budapest Nightlife

Have you ever felt lost? Like something is missing from the party? That the buzz is slowly fading away, even when there is so much to do? Here, take some safety tips for your Budapest pub crawl to make it the best night of your life! -As vets used to say - know the enemy, scout ahead! You have to check the prices beforehand to avoid tourist traps, as quite a few love to overprice their drinks.

-You should check the comments for places you wish to visit on the popular review sites - or just simply look them up on Google Maps. Always go to safe establishments, don’t take the risk of a burglary! -Make a plan, take a map! Don’t get lost in a foreign city, mark the places you wish to visit. -Stick together. I am sure, there is always someone who loves to explore their own way, and regret it in an hour or two. Soon the party is over, and everyone is looking for that single person, nowhere to be found. -Moderation is key for an alcohol fueled night! Sadly, some shady criminals love to use this state of mind as the base of their income. The professional guides of Pub crawl Budapest are there for you to give you all the information you need.

Phew. That’s a lot. A pub crawl in Budapest, or any other city is a hell of a job to organize. If you do something, you most probably want to do it right. What if you should pass this part of your respobillity to someone else? Lay back, have a drink and trust us. We got your back. There are people who are specialised on pub tours. They know places, the deals, the best parties in town! I know, I know, why trust strangers? Well, more and more people use these services during their vacations. Their business are built on the well-being and happiness of their customers. Their job is to know every place in the city. 15 euros - not that much, especially if you consider that the price includes visiting the world famous Hungarian ruin pubs, free entrances, skipping the lines, and free shots you can’t miss! Hurry up, book now, be part of a city that never sleeps!


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