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The Most Hip Coffee Places in Budapest

Coffee. The word just conjures up visions of steam swirling in the air carrying the smells unique to coffee, rich and robust. If you are a coffee addict, simple the word will bring a smile to your face and a twinkle to your eye. And even if you can’t understand the designer coffee frenzy, you will find something to love in the coffee cafes of Budapest. Pubcrawl Budapest presents the following three cafes for your coffee and pastry pleasure. Yum!

Espresso Embassy

This charmingly eccentric coffee shop has a contemporary design the appeals as much to the senses as their coffee does. The cafe is so named because it is located next door to the Embassy of Montenegro. Offering rich coffee and yummy pastries, as well as a place to sit and pass the time, Espresso Embassy is the place to get your fix. If you like the coffee, and we think you will, you can take home a bag of beans from the shop.

Walzer Café

This hidden gem of a cafe is located in a 700 year-old building in the Castle district. With a colorful decor and a friendly staff, this is a place you want to stop in for a cup of coffee and stay for lunch. They have colors to keep the little ones occupied while you try delicious breakfast and lunch offerings, sinful cakes and pastries, and, of course, the coffee. Uh, they also have an Irish Coffee to die for!

Azték Choxolat

Pubcrawl Budapest wanted to include this coffee shop because they have comfy chairs that you can sit in by the windows and sidewalk tables that let you watch the world go by. But this cafe also has something for everyone, and that something is chocolate! Azték Choxolat is known for their luscious hot chocolates, homemade bonbons and other specialty chocolates. They also have great coffee featuring Arabica blends.

Don't forget Pubcrawl Budapest

We hope you enjoy our choices for Coffee Places around town. When you get tired of coffee, don’t forget we visit some of the best pubs in Budapest, so join us at Pubcrawl Budapest for the best in the local pub scene!


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