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The rum and the pirates

We know that a good drink can change the mood. We have made articles about Hungarian drinks, special holiday drinks, wines, beers, but now we thought something much older would be interesting as well.

We have not talked about rum yet. And if the word rum comes up, most of us think about pirates.

Why is that?


Rum is known in old movies and tales, the drink was consumed exclusively by pirates.


As a result, pirates began to mix rum into their water in order to drink it. As an added bonus, rum appeared to have medicinal properties. It was consumed by pirates to prevent diseases such as scurvy and the flu, as well as to relieve stress. Because rum was inexpensive, it quickly became popular among sailors and pirates.


In today’s world, such alcohol is becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes modern stories don’t end up as rosy as we would like to imagine. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you need to know the correct use of rum and the right measurements, the right portion and the maximum amount that is recommended to consume.


White rum. The drink looks like a clear liquid and the alcohol also shows a slight exposure. As a result, the taste is not as strong as with similar rums. Often more drinks are added to different cocktails, because the taste is not as dominant.


Golden rum. Alcohol refers to the average exposure to rum (2-4 years). The drink has a great aroma and an unusual taste. Due to the long aging of the oak barrels, the alcohol gets the golden yellowish color. It is also added to the composition of caramel and spices.


Black rum. The extract of the drink changes within 5 years. The taste of alcohol does not leave experts indifferent. The drink has a bright aroma of caramel and sweet molasses. The color of the rum is achieved with oak barrels that have been burned before.


Strong rum. This is the most varied drink. Rum is often combined with non-alcoholic cocktails, but there are real acquaintances who don’t like to dilute the product.


Flavored rum. The composition already contains various flavoring components. More often, natural exotic fruits are added to such rum. The drink is perfect for use in cocktails and is no less pleasant in its pure form.


Elite rum. The drink is very different in taste. This is achieved by aging in long oak barrels. The fermentation period is 5 years. Rum has a unique aroma and cake glow.


Using rum in its purest form it’s the best thing we can recommend. Just like how the pirates did it before, you also have to try it like this.


Rum is consumed in its pure form by people who truly understand quality alcohol. The drink can also be served as an aperitif a few minutes before the main course. The alcohol is served in thick-walled glasses.


Rum has a high strength, so it is not recommended to drink more than 200 ml per day, otherwise, you will start to get drunk and you will no longer be able to feel the true taste.


Try this amazing drink carefully, even on our pubcrawls. Though Hungary does not have famous rums, you might find something that you like.



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