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We Are Open Again! Changes in our Pub Crawls

Budapest is opening its gates after the COVID-situation and we are happy to announce that pub crawls are starting again! We, however, made some changes regarding our crawls.

Pub Crawl Budapest now organizes night-outs with the Bingo Barcrawl team! 

What does that mean?

In the summer of 2020, we teamed up with the guys at Bingo Barcrawl to bring you the best parties and pub crawls of Budapest! The guides will make sure that everyone has an unforgettable night in the downtown of Budapest. We visit 5 bars and end our crawl at the city's most famous club. Meanwhile, you will have to complete 25 challenges throughout the night that will make it easy to bond with the other crawlers. The challenges are typical bar games, which you have to succeed in to win shots, T-shirts, and other really cool prizes. There won't be anyone that has to go home without making new friends! 

A side note: Playing games makes the bar crawls really fun, but please know your limits! After all, the night is only great if you can remember it the next day... The guides are there to help you, so if you don't feel well or don't want to participate in something, make sure you tell them. 

All of our guides are enthusiastic locals, who know the city inside and out - so if you decide to go on one of our pub crawls, you won't have to worry about finding the best places in the Party District. We encourage you to join us even if you are traveling alone: a pub crawl is the best way to meet new people and make new friends! 

Who should I be looking for at the meeting point?

Our guides will be waiting for you in these black shirts with blue lanyards. You will also see an advertisement with the Party Bookers logo on it, so there's no chance you will miss them. If you know you are going to be late, please notify the group in advance! They might wait for you, or you can catch up with them later in one of the pubs. 

What's in the price?

The price includes the guidance, free skip-the-line entries to 3 bars, and 1 club, and you can also win tons of stuff at the crawl. If you add the open bar (which we highly recommend), you will receive 45 minutes of unlimited beer, wine, and spirit + mixers in the first bar. After the first bar, you will have to pay for all of your drinks in the following places (except for your free shots of course!). Please note that you can only pay with cash in most of the bars. 

How to stay safe during the pub crawl?

Hungary has very few cases of COVID right now, but there are still some regulations. Please stay at home, if you don't feel well. Wash your hands properly when arriving at each bar. Don't stand or sit too close to others. Don't leave your drink unattended. We recommend paying your ticket online to limit the cash usage.  Other than that, just be careful and enjoy your pub crawl! 



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