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Welcoming Pub Crawl Berlin to the Fold

New Pub Crawl services are popping up across Europe as this irregular sightseeing activity becomes more and more popular! Stepping up our international game, we are proud to announce the newest member of our family - Pub Crawl Berlin!

We seem to have a knack for European capitals starting with the letter “B”. After the success of Pub Crawl Budapest, where the lovely ruin pubs charms dozens of pubcrawlers every day, we opened up shop in a more Mediterranean environment. The always sunny and welcoming Barcelona was an ideal candidate and with the success of Pub Crawl Barcelona running smoothly, it was time to once again hit up the geography atlas.

This is how our fingers landed on Berlin, Germany. Equipped with a cutting edge new design, Berlin is our latest addition to the now global pub crawl industry. With easy to understand graphics and a convenient booking system, our goal was to streamline the pub crawl experience right at the first few steps.

We understand that a Pub Crawl Berlin tour does not start when you arrive at the meeting point. In fact, your experience begins when you first visit our site. This is why we felt that coming up with a state-of-the-art design and user friendly site was essential to land Pub Crawl Berlin on its two feet. The site is responsive and quick, making it easy to access even for those who are lagging by on roaming internet!

The mobile booking experience is quick, hassle-free and easy to understand. What more could a simple pubcrawler ask for! Now, remember, whether you party in Budapest, Barcelona or Berlin, a quality pub crawl is there for you to entertain! Welcome Pub Crawl Berlin to the flock with open arms and check out the website! Book a tour, share our facebook page or just simply, grab a drink and toast with us!


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