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What to do at night in Budapest? 4 benefits of pub crawling


Budapest is a well-known and popular tourist destination with numerous beauties around the city. But don’t you dare to use all your energy during daytime and spend the night in your accommodation. You would totally regret not experiencing the nightlife too! Here are some tips on what to do at night in Budapest, if you seek a great party, meet people or just have fun.

What to do at night in Budapest?

There are some must dos, since you are in the Hungarian capital:

You surely don’t want to miss a sunset above the Danube. The best thing to do is to find a place with a great panoramic view, that can be a skybar, the Castle district or somewhere up in the Buda Hills - it’s up to you. Or you could make it even more memorable by participating in a Danube River Cruise at sunset.

Looking for a nice restaurant? You’ll definitely find the perfect one among the famous Hungarian restaurants even if you are craving traditional or modern food.

And once you’re filled with beauties and delicious food, you should experience the vibrant nightlife in Budapest Downtown, that is also known as the Party District - for a reason.  As the sun sets, you get to see a new face of Budapest. Downtown gets full of tourists and local youngsters, pubs are wide open in every corner. So you got everything to have a great night, but where to start?

Go for a pub crawl tour in the Downtown!

There are several legendary ruin pubs in Budapest that you surely want to visit. Although some of them are closed for good, and there is a huge queue in front of the rest of them.
Pub crawling is the best thing to do at night in Budapest, as you’ll get a local guide, who’ll get you in the coolest pubs for free without standing in queues. You’ll also get free shots at the pubs and party until dawn.

There is no question, pub crawling is the best what to do at night in Budapest, if you are looking for a crazy, memorable evening!

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