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After Pub Crawl: What to Do Next Day?

Had enough of alcohol drinking for life? We totally get it. Some people say Budapest is all about going out, visiting bars and pubs and partying every night, however, we can confirm that there are even more things to do in this magnificent city.

Have a huge breakfast

Budapest is not only great by night, but the downtown also has a lot of bakery and breakfast place to cure your hangover. From traditional Hungarian food to international cuisines, you can find everything. Usually, these places are open from early morning and some of them sell breakfast all day. 

Go to a spa

This city is not just the party capital, but it's also the king of spas! And what could be better than sitting in warm thermal water after an exhausting night out? There are plenty of options to choose from, whether you are in Buda or Pest.

Go hiking

The best way to clear your head after a huge party might sound painful first, but we highly recommend it. Gellért Hill can be a nice place to visit if you don't want to travel too much, but we also encourage you to visit Elizabeth Lookout too. If you like to think outside of the box - and the city capital - you might enjoy visiting the Danube Bend near Visegrád. More like a lake person? The lake Velence is less than an hour ride from Budapest and it's a great recreational program for everyone. 

Why not try shooting in Budapest?

Of course, shooting is not the first thing that comes to your mind if you think of Budapest. However, in the last years, it got widely popular amongst tourists from all across the world! It can be great fun and you won't need any previous experience in it at all. The best shooting range in Budapest offers free transfer from the city center and a wide range of great guns too. Always wondered, how it feels to shoot with the iconic AK-47? Now it's time!

You can choose from various packages, depending on how many guns you want to try out. The gun range also offers every group a round of free beer - either before or after the shooting experience. It may sound like a typical stag do-program, but we highly recommend it to basically everyone: at the end, shooting is a fun and safe thing to do, and it's also great for anger management! ;)


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