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Which electric vehicle fits me best?

If you had only one day to try an electric vehicle, which one would you choose? Hard question, isn’t it? Considering that only in LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) category there are dozens of options at your disposal, it can be said that e-transportation offers countless opportunities. - Want to skip right ahead and try an e-scooter? Head over to Budapest's largest e-scooter fleet operator, and rent an e-scooter or book an e-scooter tour! Otherwise, read on!

Define your purpose!

Do you need a vehicle for everyday use, or are you more interested in recreational e-activities? If you’re among those, who have the guts riding to work or school, you are definitely looking for something simple, or even classic, traditional. E-bikes are naturally in this category, but you can spice up your weekdays with other exciting vehicles, such as e-rollers or e-scooters. The former can be easily carried on public transportation, the latter is cool as a scooter, just even fancier due to its electric power. If you’re more into serious vehicles, e-mopeds can serve your everyday life trustworthy. 

For recreational time spending we recommend you the self-balancing e-vehicles, by which your ride will exceptionally be joyful. With the built-in self-balancing technology, and smart softwares, these vehicles adapt your movements and just like if they were reading in your thoughts, they find out, what your next move is going to be. Look for airwheels, e-gyros and hoverboards to experience the fun side of e-mobility.

Think about the route you would travel with your e-scooter or e-bike!

The days of fossil fuel-based cars are counting down. Public transportation develops quite well, however we all know it’s not the most comfortable way of transportation due to the long traffic hours, and crowd. Thus, sooner or later you’d better think about travel your daily route by e-mobility. If you live close to work/school, and there are no slopes included, you have several options from e-gyro, e-roller to e-bikes. For smaller distances you can choose at ease more innovative models such as airwheels or hoverboards. In order to keep moving in your healthcare, pick those models, that combine human force with electric power, and set up, how much of the latter you need to keep yourself at shape.

If there are slopes in your route and no showers in your office, consider those 2-wheels to ride, that have built-in electric engine, in order to spare your energy. E-bikes, e-scooters serve you the best for mountain rides.

For bigger distances we recommend you those models, on which you have 100% comfort. Sit on an e-moped or e-scooter, and wave to those waiting in the traffic! 

If you can’t skip public transport, and the first bus stop is further from your house than you feel walking to it every day, the fold-up models are your best choice. E-rollers are very popular, but if you don’t get flurried of turning heads, base the fashion of 1-wheelers e-gyro. Do you feel more safety on 2-wheels, and sitting is a criteria for your travel? Get a YikeBike, this freshly developed, future-friendly designed compact bike! With 3 movements it can be fold-up, and it doesn’t weigh more than a backpack full of books.                                  

Choose your style!

There are as many model awaiting for you as kinds of people.

Do you connect travel with sports? E-bikes mixing human and electric force provide you the experience of movement and spare your energy when you’re in the mood. Mountain bikes, Trekking bikes, Urban and Road bikes can all be bought in electric version, depending on your needs. E-rollers offer great opportunity for working out too.

Are you keen on traditional habits? Yet, you’d likely to switch your classic vehicle to an electric one? Out of e-bikes, e-mopeds, e-scooters are at your demand. The former is similar to a moped, differs only in power source as it leaves zero emission behind. The latter is the coolest beast on the roads, if you are in the mode gone to be wild, don’t look further, this is it.

Is style equals to innovation in your dictionary? The newest developments in e-mobility are based on the same idea. Not only they adapt your tiniest movements thanks to the built-in softwares, but their design meets the latest trends in smart solutions. Keeping them light, they contain zero unnecessary component, moreover, function and form were planned just for your needs. Airwheels, hoverboards, e-gyros are beautifully designed, environment protection got more stylish thanks to these models. And don’t forget about the multiple award-winner YikeBike, which is the e-vehicle definition of the future.

Pick and try your favourite, just be aware: once you experience e-mobility it can cause addiction!

Try them in Budapest today!

Want to experience e-scooters first-hand? You can rent an e-scooter in Budapest in multiple locations for a couple of hours, or join a guided e-scooter tour do discover the hidden corners of Budapest while getting a feel for your new best friend!


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